Advising On Policy

The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) was set up in terms of the Lotteries Amendment Act (No 32 of 2013) and has over the years made recommendations for several amendments to the Act and for the development of regulations on the conduct of the National Lottery and other lottery-type competitions.


In developing policy and augmenting legislation, the NLC draws on:

Their practical understanding of the running of the National Lottery. Specialist knowledge of sophisticated lottery operations. Participation in forums on lottery regulation and operation. Processes of research and public comment.

Two of the most significant sets of regulations developed are related to the framework for conducting “society lotteries” by means of which non-profit organisations may raise funds from the public, and the conditions applicable to promotional lotteries, which use lottery-type competitions to promote the business products and services.


The latter has since been overtaken by the Consumer Protection Act of 2008.


The allocation of National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) monies to good causes is also governed by regulations which determine how the pool of money is shared between different sectors and which organisations are eligible to apply for funding. These regulations also define interventions that should be prioritised for funding. They serve as a firm guide for the distributing agencies in their adjudication of applications for funding.


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