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Toll-free Whistleblower Hotline number: 0800 012 013


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Give the Red Card to any Corruption, Theft or Dishonesty



  • Falsification and misrepresentation of information Misappropriation of funds I assets
  • Submission of fraudulent claims and invoices



  • Misusing NLC assets for personal purposes
  • Misusing NLC funded assets for unintended purposes
  • Intimidation
  • Leakage of information


Unethical behaviour

  • The practice of favouritism Nepotism
  • Transgression of any company policies Conflicts of interests



  • Theft of company resources (stationary, equipment, time, intellectual property)



  • The solicitation of kickbacks in exchange for contracts or favours
  • Any form of bribery
  • Any 3rd party collusion

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