Revoking Certification

The NLC may revoke the certificate of a lottery manager on grounds similar to those for refusing an application.

These are set out in section 51 of the Lotteries Act and are as follows:

  • The certificate holder is no longer a fit and proper person to manage or in any way conduct a lottery, for reasons that include (but are not confined to) insolvency, liquidation, judicial management, or incarceration in prison or another institution.
  • The certificate holder has allowed any person or organisation to derive unlawful benefit from a lottery.
  • Some information provided by the certificate holder in relation to the application for certification was false in a material respect.
  • The certificate holder has failed to comply with a condition of the certificate and/or with the provisions of the Lotteries Act and its regulations.
  • The certificate holder has been convicted on a charge of theft, fraud, forgery or uttering a forged document, perjury, an offence in terms of the Corruption Act of 1992, or any other offence involving dishonesty.

Once the Commission is satisfied that grounds exist to revoke a certificate, it must contact the certificate holder and provide an opportunity for him or her to provide reasons why the certificate should not be revoked.


If the NLC receives reasons within the stipulated seven-day period, it is bound to consider these reasons.


If the Commission finds there are still valid reasons for revoking the certificate or if the certificate holder fails to use the opportunity to present his or her case, the NLC shall revoke the certificate. The Commission shall inform the certificate holder of the reasons for this measure and shall also inform all societies for which the lottery manager has worked of the fact that the certificate has been revoked and the reasons for this.