Sport And Recreation Sector

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Sports Application Pack


  1. 2016 Open Call – Sports  Advert (Download Here)
  2. 2016 Open Call – Sports Guidelines (Download Here)
  3. Application form 2010/02 (Download Here)
  4. Application form 2010/01 (Download Here)
  5. 2016 Open Call – Sports  Small Grants Business Plan and Budget (Download Here)
  6. 2016 Open Call – Sports Medium Grants Business Plan & Budget (Download Here)
  7. 2016 Open Call – All sectors Conduit Form (Download Here)
  8. 2016 Open Call – All Sectors Statement of Assets & Liabilities (Download Here)
  9. 2016 Open Call – All Sectors Statement of Income & Expenditure (Download Here)
  10. 2016 Open Call – All Sectors Capacity Building Plan (Download Here)

Funding A Winning Nation


The NLC has injected over R4-billion into the development of sport and recreation over the last 16 years. We are committed to sports development from grassroots level, and to building a healthy, winning nation.


Equity, access and development are key themes in this sector which accepts applications from national sporting bodies, regional bodies, local sports clubs, recreational clubs and schools.

In the Sport and Recreation Distributing Agency considers funding for organisations that:

  • Enable more people to become involved in sports and recreation.
  • Assist disadvantaged communities to participate in sports and recreation activities.
  • Provide sports and recreation facilities that are accessible to communities.

In July 2010, regulations were published that require 50% of funding available for this sector to be directed to organisations that:

  • Develop sports and recreational facilities in order to nurture talent in rural areas.
  • Increase accessibility to sports and recreation facilities for all, including people with disabilities.

Within this framework, the emphasis may shift slightly from one call for applications to the next. Organisations wishing to apply should read the wording of each call for applications carefully.