Charities Sector


Charities Application Forms


    1. Charities sector Advert (Download Here)
    2. Charities sector Guidelines (Download Here)
    3. Charities sector Application Form 1 (Download Here)
    4. Charities sector Application Form 2 (Download Here)
    5. Charities sector Business and Budget Plan (Download Here)
    6. Charities sector Conduit form (Download Here)
    7. Charities sector Capacity Building Plan Template (Download Here)
    8. Charities sector Grant Application Disclosure Form (Download Here)
    9. Charities sector Grant Funding Consent Form (Download Here)

Protecting The Vulnerable


The NLC acts a catalyst for eradicating poverty and reducing inequality in South Africa, channeling 47% of its annual budget for distribution of funds to a range of good causes.


The Charities Sector receives the largest share of funds and covers a wide range of organisations in the social welfare, community health, literacy, and social development fields.