Distributing Agencies

The Lotteries Act specifies that distributing agencies must be created as the mechanism through which the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) adjudicates grant applications.


After a process of public nomination, members of distributing agencies are appointed by the Minister of Trade and Industry, in consultation with other relevant Cabinet Ministers, on the basis of their expertise. These members are charged with distributing “the allocated sum fairly and equitably amongst all persons who meet the prescribed requirements”

(Lotteries Act, section 28(1)).


Presently legislation provides for three such agencies:

The Distributing Agency for Charities

The Distributing Agency for Arts, Culture and National Heritage; and

The Sport and Recreation Distributing Agency

Applications falling under the Miscellaneous Purposes Sector are adjudicated directly by members of the Board who have been appointed as the distributing agency members for this sector.


From time to time, regulations are promulgated to guide the distributing agencies both in terms of the process of adjudication and in terms of the kinds of organisations that are eligible. Regulations published in July 2010 list priority activities which should collectively receive at least 50% of available funding.

Members Of Distributing Agencies

Distributing Agency for Arts, Culture and National Heritage

Ms Marjorie Letoaba (Chairperson)
Ms Fadila Lagadien
Mr Thanduxolo Lungile
Mr Thendo Ramagoma

Distributing Agency for Charities

Ms Portia Loyilane (Chairperson)
Mr Jeffrey Du Preez
Ms Chickey Mofet-Mubu

Distributing Agency for Sport and Recreation

Mr Mveleli Ncula (Chairperson)
Dr Harold Adams (Deputy Chairperson)
Prof Andre Travil
Mr Ray Mali
Mr Thandisenzo Skhosana
Ms Jaram Krubavathi
Ms Annemarie Van Wieringen
Ms Muditambi Ravele
Dr Vukile Mehana