How To Apply

Only organisations that wish to run society lottery schemes are eligible to do so and are required to register with the National Lotteries Commission.


Registration of the society is only the first step as the “scheme” (or business plan) for running a society lottery also has to be registered with the NLC and approved for implementation.


The registration process occurs in two phases and includes some external information gathering by the NLC.


It is therefore important to begin the process at least two months before the date on which tickets for the society’s first lottery are scheduled to go on sale.


A full checklist of all items to be submitted during registration of the society and registration of the lottery scheme can be downloaded here.


Download Fundraising Lotteries Toolkit

Registering the society

The following are key documents that must be submitted to the NLC offices:


Once the society is registered with the NLC, it can proceed to register and obtain approval for the lottery scheme it intends to follow in organising lottery schemes

The following documents should be submitted to the NLC’s offices for registering or renewal of a scheme:

Please note: Every person who is required to complete a personal declaration form may be subjected to probity to establish whether s/he has any relevant convictions.

Modifying a lottery scheme

Where a society approves modifications to its lottery scheme, it is required to notify the NLC in writing and to submit a copy of the modified scheme. This communication must reach the Commission at least four weeks before the sale of tickets is due to begin.

Applying for exemption

Society lotteries are governed by the Lotteries Act 57 of 1997 and the Regulations Relating to Society Lotteries (GN R415 in GG 21119 of 18 April 2000). It is possible for a society to apply to the NLC for exemption from complying with aspects of the regulations relating to the ceiling on the total value of ticket sales, the total number of lotteries the society may run in a single year, information contained on tickets, in marketing materials, and lottery expenses.


Applications for exemption need to be made at least 90 days before the commencement of the lottery for which exemption is sought.


Full details on how to apply for exemptions are contained in sub-regulation 14 of the Regulations Relating to Society Lotteries.


Form SL03/14, may be used to estimate expenditure when applying for exemption from expenditure limits.

Amendment of Societies Lottery Forms
  1. Please note that with effect from 01 January 2015 the old Society Lotteries forms will no longer be accepted.
  2. Therefore you are required to make use of the following forms when submitting society lotteries applications to the commission:


When applying for registration of a society lottery scheme and renewal of lottery schemes, societies must make use of the following forms:

SL02-14 application by society for registration or renewal of society lottery scheme.

SL02 (a)-14 personal declaration by lottery manager.

SL03-14 estimate of proposed expenditure relating to the lottery.

SL03 (a)-14 detailed budget breakdown of the proposed project to be funded by the proceeds of the lottery.

NB: Should the society wishes to make use of the external lottery, form SL07-14 application for certification of lottery manager must be submitted.


After completion of each lottery promoted under its scheme, the society is required to submit to the Commission a lottery return using the following forms:

For any enquiries and clarification, please contact Regulatory Compliance & Enforcement Department at

Ticket requirements


Every ticket for a society lottery must specify:

For further information on tickets see:

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Regulations on society lotteries

Also consult:

Lotteries and the law

Sections 38 – 40 and section 53 of the Lotteries Act

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