Financial capital

• R2 073 billion disbursed for good causes

• Weighted Average Rate of Return on investment increased to 8.40%

• Increased funding for disbursement

• Economic growth and development for successful applicants

• Injection of funds into economic circulation


Strategic Alignment with and

Social and
Relationship capital

• Enhanced stakeholder relations and capacity building

• Impact funding

• Empowerment of stakeholder with compliance to legislation and best practice resulting in impact funding

• Sustainability for funded beneficiaries

• Protection of participants through reduced illegal lotteries activity

• Economic growth for emerging entrepreneurs and historically disadvantaged individuals

  – Protection of public

• Reduced fraud risk

• Increase alternative revenue streams

• Awareness in alternative lotteries

• Integrity of the National Lottery

• Injection of funds into economic circulation at higher rate in all communities of South Africa

• Closed 96% of identified illegal lotteries. Furthermore the NLC is investigating mechanisms of quantifying revenue loss

• Social upliftment for 691 146 people, reached through various services offered by NLC beneficiaries

• 14 414 temporary and permanent jobs created


Strategic Alignment with and

Human capital


• Improved and efficient grant disbursement

• Elimination of backlog

• Injection of funds into economic circulation at higher rate

• Improved and efficient administration

• Low staff turnover at less than 1%


Strategic Alignment with and

Natural capital


• Improved environmental sustainability of our communities

• 83% of the waste to land filled, 17% recycled in the last financial year

• Emissions from petrol/diesel consumed - an average of 270 776 g/km of Co2 emissions

• Outcomes from projects funded

• 48% organic gardens

• 33% balanced ecosystem

• 9.5% habitat model

• 3% recycling projects

• 2% greenhouse effect projects

• 2% rain water harvesting

• 1% for soil quality and water purification respectively

• 465 Environmental projects valued at R590 025 280 funded from 2008 to 31 March 2018


Strategic Alignment with

Intellectual capital


• Agile problem-solving and decision making

• Improved business processes

• Streamlined verification and reduced fraud risk

• Transparent and uniform processes

• Information on NLC’s funding reach

• Supported employee growth and development

• Sharing of information and expertise

• Better communication

• Service excellence and improved turn-around times

• Mitigation of fraud risk


Strategic Alignment with and

Manufactured capital


• Improved access to NLC services

• NLC funded infrastructure projects


Strategic Alignment with and








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