Miscellaneous Application Pack

    1. Miscellaneous Purposes Application form 2010/01 (Download Here)
    2. Miscellaneous Purposes Application form 2010/02 (Download Here)
    3. Miscellaneous Purposes Business And Budget Plan Template (Download Here)
    4. Miscellaneous Purposes Guidelines (Download Here)
    5. Miscellaneous Purposes Advert (Download Here)
    6. Miscellaneous Purposes Conduit Form (Download Here)
    7. Miscellaneous Purposes Capacity Building Plan (Download Here)
    8. Miscellaneous Purposes Grant Funding Agents Form (Download Here)
    9. Miscellaneous Purposes Grant Application Disclosure Form (Download Here)
    10. Miscellaneous Purposes Grant Funding Consent Form (Download Here)

Miscellaneous Purposes

The fourth and smallest category of funding from the NLC is for Miscellaneous Purposes. This category is allocated 2% of the fund for disbursement to applicants who meet the requirements. The members of the Board serve as the distributing agency for the Miscellaneous Purposes category of funding.


Applications to the Miscellaneous Purposes category will only be considered from non-profit organisations whose activities or projects fall outside the mandate of the Distributing Agencies for Arts, Culture and National Heritage, Charities, and Sport and Recreation.


There is no public call for applications and therefore applicants may apply at any time. However, applicants are requested to ensure that there is a sufficient period between the submission of the application and the commencement of the project.


In order to be considered for funding, applicants must submit the following documentation:

  • The prescribed application form, which can be obtained by e-mailing info@nlb.org.za. The request for an application form must include a one line description of the project.

  • Proof of registration as a non-profit organisation.

  • The organisation’s constitution or founding documents.

  • The two most recent annual audited financial statements.

  • A motivation for project, which explains it significance.

  • A project implementation plan

  • A detailed and realistic budget for the project.

Approved Miscellaneous Guidelines 10 May 2016 Download Here

Application Form For 1st Time Applicants  Download Here

Application For A Grant In Terms Of The Lotteries Act Download Here