NLB Fund did not provide Cape Minstrel Carnival with R41m in one year


25 January 2015

The National Lotteries Board would like to once again correct an erroneous article which surfaced in the Sunday Times, and despite our efforts to put the record straight, the article continues to be recycled in its original form.

According to this article, the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF), the mechanism through which a percentage of lottery ticket sales proceeds are channeled towards worthy causes to uplift communities, R41-million was paid to the Cape Minstrel Carnival Association.

This assertion is completely false. We would like to state the facts and we hope that subsequent media reports will report the facts accurately.

The Cape Minstrel Carnival Association received allocations amounting to R40.64-million which were paid out as follows:

  • R13.32-million was paid in 2012 and 2013 – for carnival costs
  • R27.32-million was paid in 2014 – carnival costs (R14.32-million) and the Carnival Heritage Museum (R13-million)

Therefore, the grant payments specifically for the carnival amounted to R27.64-million in three years (2012-2014) and not R41-million as reported in the said publication.

The grants to Cape Minstrel Carnival Association will be utilised for job opportunities for local dressmakers, transport, security, ambulance services, sound and stage, fencing, advertising, media, ablution facilities, umbrellas, hats, fabric/accessories, marshals, meals, venue hire, workshop facilitators, salaries, planning workshop, dress rehearsal, 2de Nuwe Jaar Street March and the Minstrel Carnival.

In 2014, the Cape Minstrel Carnival Association received R 13 750 000 in relation to an application the Cape Minstrel Carnival Association made on behalf of two smaller organisations as per the NLB’s partnership model whereby larger, established organisations assist and mentor smaller organisations that do not meet all the requirements to apply on their own.

The two assisted organisations, Haqun, and Seven Saints were allocated R5,000,000 and R7,500,000 respectively from the allocation of R13,750,000, with the balance of R1,250,000 paid to the assisting organisation (Cape Carnival Minstrels Association) for administration as per the partnership model. In terms of the latter, funds are paid over to the assisting organisation, which would then, in terms of this arrangement; transfer the money to the assisted organisations in line with approved allocations.

It is a condition of the grant that beneficiaries of NLDTF report on the usage of funds and are required to provide the National Lotteries Board (NLB) with documentation to support the information provided. The NLB scrutinises the reports before making any further payment or grant.

Any unauthorised deviation amounts to breach of agreement and action, as described in the grant agreement, will be taken. A breach will also impact on any future funding.


Charlotte Mampane

Chief Executive, National Lotteries Board

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