Applying For Funding

At the start of every financial year (1 April –  31 March) a list of priority funding areas for that year is published. These priorities will inform where funds will be directed to for that year.

Applications for funding are accepted throughout the year.



Application Documents


Obtain the necessary documents from the NLC. These are:

  • The prescribed application form. This changes from time to time and you must use the form that is current at the time of the call for applications.

  • Guidelines applicable to the current round of applications.

You can also download the documents from the website or obtain them from the NLC offices around the country.

Project Motivation, Plan And Budget


Use the guidelines to prepare the following documents that will accompany the application form and comprise the heart of your application:

  • A project motivation that explains the importance of the initiative for which you are seeking funds.

  • A detailed business plan for the project.

  • A detailed and realistic budget for the project.

Supporting Documents


The application must include the following supporting documents:

  • Registration certificate as a non-profit organisation, Section 21 company, public benefit trust, or school registered with the Department of Education.

  • The organisation’s constitution, articles and memorandum of association, or deed of trust.

  • Most recent annual financial statements signed and dated by a registered accounting officer.

    – Organisations that have not previously received NLDTF funding are required to submit a two year annual financial statements signed by an independent accounting officer.

    – Organisations previously allocated NLDTF funding need only to submit financial statements for one year, which must be audited.

  • Signed auditor’s report or, for first time applicants, a signed accounting officer’s report.

Additional Documents


Where an application is related to the development or renovation of a heritage site, you must submit an approval from the relevant provincial or national authority.


Where an application includes the building or upgrading of infrastructure, you must provide proof of ownership of the land and/or building or proof of tenure.


Where an application involves the purchase of assets or equipment, quotations must be provided for these items.


Please read the guidelines carefully and ensure that all the required information is submitted.


In addition, you should try and get your application in as early as possible once a call is issued.